Celesta De Astis

Celesta was raised immersed in the theater-arts. She was raised in Chicago – home of one of the best “theater districts” around; her parents, Nick and Maria De Astis, took advantage of this and took Celesta to the theater often as a child, which instilled a love and passion for the arts in her from a young age. Celesta also has close family members that are accomplished actors – some having performed in off-Broadway productions; she was surrounded by the arts and it became part of her very being when she was just a little girl.

Celesta joined her relatives in the theater business at the age of seven when she made her debut in a community theater production. With her large, supportive Italian family giving her standing ovations at the end of each performance – Celesta fell in love with the idea of entertaining, and giving people, her fans, a break from the mundane routine of everyday life via performance, acting, and a “make-believe” world.

From the ripe age of seven through her preteen years, Celesta developed her love of acting by taking it one step further and studying the craft. She also took dance classes and voice lessons – anything and everything she could experience in the entertainment field. Celesta’s friends from grade school remember her as a “busy bee” – always running around. Celesta didn't mind – auditioning, acting classes and performing were the things she lived for as a child. She didn’t mind, but she does recall that it was not easy. She had to make choices between school extracurricular activities like sports, and her auditions and acting classes – a choice that was clear to her, but didn't stop her from catching flack from other kids her age that “just didn't get it.”

At age thirteen, Celesta auditioned and got the break of a lifetime when she landed an agent and manager in Hollywood, California. The rest is history, as they say; she still lives in California, where she continues to practice what she loves, study her craft and build her resume. The only difference between Celesta now and the seven-year-old Celesta performing in community theater – is that the “grown-up” Celesta has turned a little girl’s dreams and ambitions into an adult’s passion and career.

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In addition to the arts, Celesta enjoys horseback-riding (she used to ride competitively). She also enjoyed her many years as a Girl Scout and as a camp counselor at Vacation Bible Camp.

Celesta attributes her success and happiness to her close-knit, supportive family and her faith in God. Celesta feels blessed that she was blessed with such wonderful parents that instilled in her a strong work ethic, and taught her the most valuable lesson ever –