Celesta De Astis

Celesta De Astis is a driven, energetic, and experienced young actress of Italian decent. She has diversified talents and a unique look that enable her to play a wide range of ethnicities. Celesta has played characters from various cultural backgrounds including Spanish, Arabic and Jewish.

Celesta’s resume boasts several commercials and documentaries for HBO and Nintendo, among others. Her first movie, Banana Leaves, made its debut at the Pan African Film Festival of Los Angeles in 2009 – and went on to play in movie theaters throughout Africa.

In addition to her movie and television credits (full list available on resume).  Celesta has also done several modeling and print jobs including an appearance in a Sprite Christmas Campaign.

Celesta has been trained by and studied under some of the industry’s best, including "The Second City" in Chicago, and John D’Aquino, L.A. acting coach.